#Love2017 (PART 1 - THE REAL)

I have a soft spot for you…a soft spot means that even when I can feel my entire body shaking, my mind racing, and my head hurting because I am mad at you, or at anyone or anything, all it takes is your touch, your deep voice, your irresistible look, your captivating eyes or your beautiful smile for me not to forget about it, but just let it go.

I’m with you…every moment is valuable and every second is a privilege. Is it really like that though, do you feel the same way or is it just me? I am not sure, I don’t know. I seem to question everything you do. Why do I question you? Am I being insecure or are you not showing me enough care, giving me attention or making me feel special enough?

No relationship is perfect. I do not want to strive for a perfect relationship, but I want to be perfect for you. I want to compliment you, upgrade you, complete you, make you stronger physically and mentally, and…make your body weak whenever you ask me to or I want to. I need to show you care and love…the care and love I DID NOT receive growing up. Let me teach you how to transform deep pain into joy and then give all my joy to you.

 I want you to be proud of me and feel blessed to have me in your life. Let’s pray together! Let’s push each other to be better! Can I reach my potential and exceed my limits with you? Let’s support each other’s dreams, acknowledge the smallest effort, face the hardest battles together…as one! I want to live with you. I want to live for you; share my deepest secrets, my biggest mistakes, and my favorite accomplishments with you. Talk to me about everything and anything, I’ll just listen. I will listen attentively, carefully, and quietly; it will be all about you. Then, I will talk to you about everything – expose you to all my weaknesses and show you all the parts of my body that I am insecure about. Have my heart and take care of it. Take it! Be responsible with my heart, respect it, and treat it like it’s your very own heart. Now, give me yours…