I suffered. I learned. I changed. I am happy.

Suffering is necessary for growth. Everyone defines and experiences suffer in different magnitudes and various ways. My hardship may seem like a joke to you, and your difficulties may not mean much to me. However, all levels of difficulties are important and those negative experiences are what will help you develop to the person you strive to be.

Appreciate and learn from them; they are not there to break you, but to build you. They are preparing you. Being successful is competitive and hard. Maintaining success is even harder. Being happy is hard too; it comes from your development and the extraction of your "b-lessons" from all your hardships.

Being happy is a battle that takes places within you; it's a decision. Your happiness doesn't depend on people nor on your circumstances. Your happiness depends on you and your mindset. 

Happiness is the ability to focus on what matters the most at any given moment, despite what's going on. Things may not be perfect right now, but in reality they never will be perfect because they are not supposed to be. The purpose of life is to live, experience, overcome challenges, and help others do the same.

Don't seek for perfection, seek preparation. 

Be prepared to take on any challenge, be prepared when you get the opportunity to realize your dream, be emotionally and mentally prepared to love someone the way they deserve it, be prepared to learn from failures and eventually turn them into success. 

Be prepared and happiness will find you. 

The circumstances don't matter, what matters is your mindset and approach. Make something out of nothing. Don't waste time on people that don't value you and don't even worry about treating them like they treat you - save your energy for something positive. Remember, karma is a real thing. What goes around, comes around, so you just make sure you are the best person you can be.

Find the positive in all situations, and be prepared to have a wonderful life!

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