Age is nothing, but a number!

By the age of 25, you are supposed to be done with at least your Bachelor’s degree and own or be in the process of pursuing a Master’s degree. If you happen to be a woman, then all you begin to hear about at the age of 27-28 is how you need to have a partner because having kids is just around the corner. Once you hit 30 years old, you better have a partner and start thinking of having a family (if you don’t have one already). And now at 35, a family, a stable career, financial credibility, and your ability to support yourself and others is not expected, but demanded from you.

 Once you become a mother, your feelings do not matter anymore; your life is all about your children. No one really cares about how you feel; your happiness should be strictly defined by and based on the status of your children. If you are a father, in order for you to be the man of the house and to be considered a man, you are supposed to be the main source of income. The man is expected to make double the amount or significantly more money that his partner because he is simply the man.

 “I will give myself till I turn 28. If I still don’t get a chance to do my dream job, then I guess it is no for me.”

“Look at Mike, he is only 24 and he is already making 6 figures a year. I am 30 and I am still unsure of whether what I currently do for living is what I want do for life.”

“I am 38, I do not have kids, I don’t have a partner, and honestly I am still just trying to figure it out. I do not know. Do I give up, do I give in, do I let go…Am I failure?”

“I am too old to go back to college.”

“It’s too late for me to learn something new.”

“I am too old to take risks.”

“I hate my job, but no one hires 35 year olds seeking to change their career.”

“We have kids now, so we cannot…”

“Marriages should last forever.”

I would love to know who developed all these irrational, illogical, stressful, unnecessary, and unrealistic deadlines and concepts! Then again, I don’t care to find out because there were notions that were established years and years ago and do not and cannot apply to me or you. Why?

Because people change, things change, laws amend, politicians change, technology evolves, generations differ, and habits alter; everything around us is not the same. However, for some irrational reason, we think that all these golden rules can remain the same and be applied today and in hundreds of years from now.

Back then when these notions were established, people weren’t as scared to commit. Back then having an affair was not a trend and something to be proud of. Back then couples used to talk to each other and work to figure it out. Back then social media was not as invasive of our privacy. Back then women were not expected to leave home and work (or workout). Back then women were not allowed in the scientific industries or in politics. Back then, machines and technology weren’t replacing humans. Back then, trust issues and insecurities weren’t the primary elements of relationships and/or friendships. Today, however, this is our world. This is our reality. So, let’s reevaluate these notions and live life accordingly.

Stop discouraging yourselves. Stop telling yourself that you are too old or you are too young or that it is too late. Everything starts and begins with you. It all depends on your energy.

Are you willing to learn? Then go back to school. Are you unhappy with you career? Change it; pursue what sets your soul on fire. Are you tired of being the type of parent that just sits with the kids? Then do not be that and find a way to be a great parent by simply being happy with yourself and what you do. Is your marriage not working? Then, sorry to tell you, but life comes to an end one day and leaving this world miserable is not the way to do it. Do you want to be a dancer? Go for it! Did you study medicine, but really had love for music? Start your music classes today. All you have to do is plan strategically.

Do you ever just sit and people watch? Do you ever just sit down, observe people, and notice how different we are from one another? How differently we do the same thing? How we come from different backgrounds, have different life experiences, and perceive things differently? It is impossible to have the same timing in our breakthroughs, success or even failures.

Stop comparing yourself to others, let go of fear, stop trapping yourself, stop living your life based on what people think, say, do or used to do.

There is not an age limit to the goals and dreams that fuel our spirit and bring us hapiness. Having a family is not the end of the world or the end of your dreams. Being 45+ and wanting to go back to school is actually really cool and gives the younger ones something to look up to and admire.

Do you know some people don’t even get a shot at education? Do you know there are people that cannot have families? Do you forget that there are people that have physical or mental limitations?

Do you forget that there is no one in this world that can be better than the best version of you?

Keep trying! Your time is NOW. Find a way not an excuse! Find Urself and never look back!

 P.S: I am now 26 and I am striving to be a fitness model for NIKE one day!

Love Always,



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