A large number of people say “fake it till you make it” and I personally have never been a fan of that phrase. Why? Because it immediately implies that you are practicing and portraying a personality or character that does not correspond to the real you. Networking and being grateful is one thing, but acting like you are something you are not just to get somewhere or to be successful is not worth it. Indubitably, this is a personal opinion, but believe me when I say that the best feeling in the world derives from doing what you truly love.

When you do what you love, the word work is replaced with passion, overtime turns to extra time for improvement, and your salary loses its value. Earning a lot of money does not become your ultimate goal. Helping other in some way becomes your life goal. Your salary truly becomes a reflection of your work ethic. And now, because you are in love with your ‘job’, you put your all into it, and your reward, your salary, is satisfying. You are getting what you are giving, so you are happy.

 Most of the times, the unhappiness and misery that is associated to our working place is not just due to our salary, but due to the fact that besides the difficulty of the actual job, we also battle within ourselves. We struggle in our workforce not because our daily tasks are hard, but because we hate that we have the responsibility of completing them. We hate our position, we hate the company we work for, and now we begin to hate ourselves for continuing to do the same job.

Don’t fake it till you make it.

On the other hand, nowadays, people get positions or obtain jobs just by kissing *** (excuse my French). The funniest thing about kissing *** is that it doesn’t require any experience, certificates or skills. Nowadays, people with great work ethic, excellent academic standing and specialized skills are disregarded for people that only focus on saying the right things at the right time. What’s my opinion on that? Oh, well! Be authentic or be miserable!

Believe it or not, no matter how high on the ladder kissing a** can take you, you will still end up at a point where you are miserable. Why? One, you are not yourself. Two, your worth is questionable. Three, people will use you and ask you to do anything. Four, you will find yourself offering to do anything, and the list goes one!

Instead of “fake it till you make it” use and choose “be it before you become it”. What does that mean? Dress, act, speak, behave like the person you visualize and you want to be. Conduct yourself as an entrepreneur before you become one. Refer to yourself as a dancer, go where dancers would go, audition, dress, treat yourself like a dancer before you become one.  You want to be a successful doctor? Do what successful doctors do: work on your discipline, time management, ask questions, and build your knowledge.

By truly acquiring and adapting to the person we want to be, we develop the ideal and appropriate habits for us to be that person. Once you have mentally, and physically – depending on what interests you – become who you want to be, then you will also attract the right people around you. You will see opportunities and you will be ready for them. You will not have to kiss a** (unless you unnecessarily choose to and you are impatient) because people will know you for you and will approach and contact you for you.

About a month and a half ago, I quit my successful and very well paying 9-5 job/career, and temporarily came to the US just to explore my possibilities in the fields that truly interest me. Exactly one week ago, I came back to New York from Virginia and told myself I have to ‘be it before I become it’ so the right people can approach me and see me as it. My first sign was seeing Quincy Giles, two days after watching one of his inspirational videos on Instagram. Then, made it through the casting for a video shoot with a super sweet and cool upcoming artist called Antoinette Alston, and I am currently two days away from a photoshoot! Believe you are it, be it, and then become it!

Thank you Quincy, Antoinette, and Michael (photographer) for your inspiration and for giving me a chance!

Be it before you become it!

Love Always,