Lesson of 2019: Life goes on...

     The sooner you let this phrase register and sink in, the better you will be able to carry out life. I began to hear this phrase very early in my life, but it was not until 2018, after my apartment was broken into and emptied, that I realized the value of it.

The problem with our society today is “meaningless access”. 

     In 2019, our technological advancement has allowed us to be part of situations that we are very well far from or unaware of. We are able to find out information about countries that are oceans away. We stay in touch with loved ones that are physically away from us. We are exposed to cultural differences that we never would have known about without technology. However, instead of that awakening us and making us more aware and empathetic, it snoozes or discourages us. 

     We see happiness in the social media profiles of others and question whether we can attain it or whether we even deserve it. We see sorrow and war in far places, shake our heads, and continue our day unbothered, but even worst unprepared. Instead of realizing that there is an abundance of happiness and resources out there, we are upset we are not as successful as others. Instead of being thankful to wake up healthy and with a new opportunity to pursue our dreams, we are simply glad we are not the ones experiencing a war, a robbery, death or poverty.

     So, all this access and exposure we have to good and bad information becomes meaningless and useless. The technological tools that were created to unite, educate, and inspire us to help each other have done the contrary.

     We are more separated than ever. We choose to remain ignorant, indifferent, and spiteful. We have became apathetic, greedy, and emotionless. There are individuals that get thousands of dollars in birthday gifts, while there are still hundreds of kids starving and dying due to extreme poverty. There are individuals who take extremely long to succeed after years of dedication and commitment, and giving back, while there are criminals, cheaters, and abusers who make it in their first attempt. 

     This is life. This is the world we live in. Devoting yourself to restoring love, optimism, kindness, and authentic self-expression can cost you your life, while promoting and encouraging violence and greediness can offer you “THE LIFE”. 

In this cold world we live in, I invite you to choose kindness. I ask of you to take the hard and long way because it is worth it. The challenges that you face by taking the long way are the experiences that will give your life a meaning and a purpose. Although the bad seems to "outwork" the good, there is nothing worst than knowing that people are only around you for your resources. Be part, add to or create the good, so you experience the beauty of people being around you for who you are; your heart, soul, and mind. 

Choose to be kind. Choose to live a life of dignity. Choose to be better than your past by letting it go and trusting the power of the universe.

     At the end of the day, pain, hurt, disappointment, failure, and unfairness are part of life. If you die today, your job’s opening will be announced a few days later, if not the next day. 

Life goes on.

     So, instead of being bitter, resentful, spiteful or discouraged, just stay focused. Take the time to figure out what truly makes your heart smile. Find your passion and turn it into your greatest accomplishment. Utilize your gift and your dream to inspire others to be their true and best selves. Use your love for what you do to bring positivity into this world because we need it. Do not waste energy trying to get revenge or hating someone. Turn your pain into art. Create.

Life goes on. Don’t dwell. Let go. Move on. Grow. Keep Going…

One day we are all going to die. 

And my dream is that my time on Earth inspires others to continue their fight. 

I lived, I suffered, I learned, I shared my knowledge, I helped others, and therefore I will die fulfilled.


Love Always,

Jessica Ogunnorin