#Love2017 PT.3 - Do you want real love or social media likes?

 Continuation of #Love2017 PT.2 - But You Will Never Know...

I mean if it wasn’t a genuine, achievable, and real example to all of us, their accounts wouldn’t have thousands or millions of followers, comments, likes and followers. Don’t you see they are always happy? They have advertisements, events, appearances, a clothing line, vlogs, fans…they get paid too. Why do they get paid? I guess they get paid to portray a perfect relationship.

Ask yourself: How many people would follow a couple’s account that displayed arguments, conflicts, misunderstandings, hardships or attitudes – that would be wrong right? Ugly or real?

So, what is right and acceptable or likable is to portray an ideal, perfect, unrealistic, and unattainable relationship?

Please do not get me wrong here. I am not saying that every relationship post on social media is fake, absolutely not. What I am trying to pass on to you is that you cannot build your very own relationship based off of social media couples, your friends’ or even your family’s relationship standards and principles. We should learn from what see, hear, and experience, but never look to become like someone else.

Most importantly, remember that you cannot attempt a new relationship based off of your past experiences and/or hurt. I utilize the word ‘attempt’ here because you may be trying to figure it out with a person from the past.

It is wrong to reiterate, dwell, and constantly attack someone based on their past behavior or to constantly remind them of it. If you have doubts, fear or are not carefree when it comes to your partner, let it go. It is also wrong to praise and look to become like the ideal relationships that are presented to us on social media.

Each one of us is so unique with different needs, wants, expectations, and perspectives. Why do we keep trying to build our personal lives based on what others do and experience? How do we expect to find what’s real, worth it, and beautiful, when we prioritize putting on a show and cascading how we really feel? How are YOU real and authentic, if you are a copying someone else?

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Cover Credit: Reese Royce