Mac Miller’s Death...


I didn’t know you, but I felt you!

Living in a world full of people so quick to neglect you,

even quicker to disrespect you.


Always criticizing not caring about how it affects you.

Brag about freedom of speech, but when you try to speak they don’t let you. 


Everybody got ears, but they don’t always hear.

Everybody got a heart, but who really cares?


Everybody’s willing to help until it’s really time to. 

Now, here you go again leaving more people behind you. 


You don’t want to, but you have to. 

Only challenges reveal the real ones that got you...

That fight through, that don’t give up

That know your worth and give a f***.


I swear sometimes it feels like I’m stuck

Around toxicity

You know around people that say they like me, but don’t really f*** with me.


The ones that always ask for sh**

But are never supporting me

The ones that see me thrive

And do their best to discourage me.


It’s always people you love that take your sanity away

You gotta let ‘em go but you also want ‘em to stay


I’m down on my knees, to YOU Lord I pray 

I’m tired of being strong; I just want to be okay 

Okay? Maybe soon, one day, maybe not...I’m lost

It’s a world full of people and no one that I can seem to trust... 


But myself, just me and those inner voices

The ones that mess up your thinking and lead you to bad choices


The drinking, the smoking, the drugs

Compensating for the feeling of no love...


You pour your insecurities and fears in a glass

You roll up your pain and sadness in a blunt

Just to drink it and smoke it…and put it right back in you…

Feels good for a little, but the truth is the pain won’t stop until you do


You just got to take the time to live life like YOU!


So, hey you, listen, just pause

It’s not all about the money, the power and clothes 

You can have it all and then lose it just because...

That’s life!


So while you 're focused on the money, just make sure you alright 

Not referring to your looks, but everything that’s out of sight

Your heart, your mind, your soul

Don’t wait till you are too old

To realize that things that are worth it in life aren’t sold


Please look around you, the rich people, the famous ones, the celebrities, the stars

All unable to use their wealth to cover up their scars

You can be rich and famous or handsome and wealthy

But how long will it last if your mind, body and heart aren’t healthy?


Don’t lose yourself trying to please today’s standards and trends.

Begin the journey of self-growth before it’s too late…


Find Urself and then become it!

You are beautiful, you are unique, you are one of a kind.

Everything you go through is part of the journey of becoming the amazing individual you are meant to be! KEEP PUSHING! YOU GOT THIS!

Rest In Peace Mac Miller....

 Love Always,