Featured Stories!

  • Alison Bragaw-Butler: Brave with an open mind!

    "I learned to take the good with the bad, and instead of waiting for the sun to come out, to be thankful for the silver linings." Alison Bragaw-Butler

  • Brittany L. Crain: Passion, Hard-work, Talent, and Faith!

    Bcray ThreeAm album cover

    "Even though I am still trying to make my way up, that situation reminded me that I do what I do because I love it, and I love the people that enjoy my music, money could never change that." Brittany Crain
  • Melanie Royster...the Multi-Dimensional Artist!

    "No matter what, I was going to work hard. I knew the next four years wouldn’t be easy, but I was going to make it happen. Spending “all-nighters” in the studio and then going straight to practice the next day. Carrying some supplies with me on away trips and setting up a mini studio in the hotel." Melanie Royster