Brittany L. Crain: Passion, Hard-work, Talent, and Faith!


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Brittany Crain around the age of 5 or 6 posing with a mini basketball.


 Who is Brittany Crain?

"I was born in Riverside, CA raised in Orlando Florida, San Bernardino, and Moreno Valley. My mom was a single parent, so we had to move around a lot. We were very low on income for a long time. I played ball for about 17 years and produced music for about 10 years and my mom continued to support me along the way. I went to the University of California Riverside and majored in Media and Cultural Studies. I become the first member of my family to graduate from college." 



Did being a student athlete interfere or delay the dream/career you are pursuing now? 

"Being a student athlete made me drop music for a long time. I knew that if I was only giving basketball 50% and music 50% then I was not giving neither one a 100% effort. I had to choose up. Since ball was paying for my college, it delayed my music. Being a student athlete was hard as heck by the way lol, but I stayed in the gym hours and hours after practice and still finished 8-page essays by morning, how? Idk (I don't know).

In the end, I become the number one scorer in the nation, and Big West Player of the Year two years in a row. My team also won the Big West Conference in 2016. And yes, I have a ring to prove it aha."




"I knew that if I was only giving basketball 50% and music 50%, then I was not giving neither 100%."

— Brittany L. Crain



When was your turning point? What fueled your determination?     
      "When I was balling overseas, I got sent home early due to the politics of the business. I was homeless, barely had any money, and I struggled to find a job. My family members were in and out of jail, doing drugs, and the only thing I had left was my studio equipment. I thought in my head, “Should I sell it all, or should I do something about my situation while also fueling my love for music?”

      I perfected my craft in music, dropped an album, and searched for shows that would give me more exposure even if only one person was watching. Even though I am still trying to make my way up, that situation reminded me that I do what I do because I love it, and I love the people that enjoy my music, money could never change that."







Tell us about your music career:

"My new R&B album entitled Threeam Ep can be found everywhere including Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, etc. The music video for my song “Time” can be found on YouTube, just type in “Bcray Time” and it should pop up…. I hope lol. I also have a rap album with my brother entitled “Not an Album” which is very different from what you hear nowadays on some good vibes type stuff, so check that out too! We also have a video from that entitled “Zoned Out” its pretty dope. Just type in Bcray & Ace Zoned Out."







Who motivates you and who are you thankful for?

"I really look up to my Mother, she’s been through hell and back and she continues to work hard and make sure that me and my brother are good. I want to thank God first because he is the reason I’m still here. My mom for not giving up on me and continuing to support everything I do. My brother for being my right hand and keeping the music going. Simone and her family for helping me back on my feet when I was at my lowest. Coach Sey and Coach Gui for always being there to encourage me and make me the talented player that I was, and of course the fans and supporters that continue to listen to my music and follow me on my way to the top, you guys are the reason I keep going. Much love to all of you. Lastly, I must thank my Uncle Will who passed a year ago, he provided me with the equipment I needed to make music and he believed and supported who I am as an artist. Rest in peace."



"I want to thank God first because He is the reason I’m still here."
— Brittany L. Crain




 What advice would you give to the young  ones looking to pursue what you do? 

"Some advice to the youngins who are trying to pursue a basketball or music career, DO NOT let anyone tell you cannot do something. Live in the gym. Live in the studio. You must work on your craft so much that it should becomes second nature 100% is never enough. Give it your all and do not become satisfied. Expect more from yourself, and the results will surprise you."




 "DO NOT let anyone tell you cannot do something."

 Britany L. Crain
Rapper - Singer
Youtube Channel Subscription: Bcray & Ace
Instagram: _britt32_
Twitter: @bcrai001








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