The UnstoppABLE Mindset 30-Day Total Body Transformation Program

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The UPM30 is a program that focuses on creating a love based relationship between an active lifestyle and nutrition. This current program focuses on building and maintaining muscle mass while decreasing body fat to accomplish not only your physical goals, but also develop a healthy mind and spirit.

This program consists of 4 weeks of routines: HIIT Workouts, Circuit Training, and Live Afrofitness classes once  a week! All routines are explained and demonstrated in great detail with numerous modifications and variations to adhere to all levels. 

Nutritional consultation and guide is provided through a 30-minute video or audio meeting on a 1:1 approach and specifically catered to your personal needs. 

No equipment is required for this program and it is extremely easy to follow, yet challenging and transforming.

Expect to be held accountable, to be coached with passion, love, and respect! This program includes a positive community AKA UnstoppABLE Family!

A Facebook profile is not required, but is preferred to obtain the programs full experience and benefits!

This is the time to invest on yourself: mentally, physically, and spiritually!

In 30 days, you will transform to a better version of you!

No excuses. No competition. Just you versus you!

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