About Us

Why choose LEV8? 

LEV8 Apparel's motto of self-love and mission of forgiveness created by Jessica Ogunnorin

      LEV8, founded by Jessica Ogunnorinis a movement, a mindset, and a lifestyle. It stands for Learn Evolve Visualize 8velE! In life we experience, act, and overcome. LEV8tion starts with Learning from those experiences and using them as guidance as we Evolve or change. Then, once we have learned and evolved, we are able to  Visualize and set realistic and giant goals that we know we are more than capable to accomplish. Finally, 8velE stands for Elev8. It is spelled backwards and with an '8' at the end in order to encourage us to change our perspective and point of view as we navigate through life. 

   We encourage you to join our family, the LEV8 Family! A family constituted of individuals deriving from various backgrounds, countries, and professions who strive to better themselves every single day. Our family is made out of believers, leaders, and go getters! 

    If you stopped by our website today, it means that you belong here! Read a blog post, shop an item, and join our growing and loving LEV8 family!