About Jessica Ogunnorin

Biography of Jessica Ogunnorin: CEO & Founder of LEV8 Apparel

Jessica Ogunnorin the CEO of LEV8 Apparel is posing in her dress hoodie

          Jessica Ogunnorin was born and raised in Greece by her Nigerian mother. She is the youngest of three and the first in her family to earn a college degree. She headed to the United States at the age of 18, on a full scholarship, to begin her journey as a student-athlete. Her collegiate experience took her to California, New York, and Virginia where she dominated in the classroom, on the court, and at work ( Yes! She worked as a student-athlete).

           Today, she is a proud holder of three degrees, the CEO and founder of the LEV8 Apparel and Mindset, a heart moving motivational speaker, and a successful professional athlete. Some of her speeches includes "The power of sports" for the Color of Sports event at ACS Athens, "Setting Goals" for the Annual Sports banquet at ACS Athens, and "More Than A Number" panel speech at UCLA university for the topic of Mental Health in College Sports. She earned her BA in Multidisciplinary Studies with concentrations in Spanish, French, and Political Science at Stony Brook University. From the same university, she also earned her MA in Public Policy Analysis. Lastly, she attended Virginia Commonwealth University where she obtained her MS in Computer & Information Systems Security.

Jessica Ogunnorin the CEO of LEV8 Apparel poses for third graduation at VCUJessica Ogunnorin the CEO of LEV8 Apparel poses for Ibaizabal basketball teamJessica Ogunnorin the CEO of LEV8 Apparel poses for second graduation at Stony Brook University


           She describes basketball as her primary gift and tool to discovering other gifts and identities that she possesses. She believes in the power of authentic self-expression and self-belief! Her experience as a student-athlete allowed her to recognize the need for mental health awareness within college athletics. Jessica strives to build a 2-phase program that will improve the performance of student-athletes mentally and physically, but most importantly during and AFTER college. LEV8’s CEO’s ultimate goal is to create a worldwide known movement that will stimulate the restoration of mental health and the increase of self-love.